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About Protool

In 2000, the parent company of PROTOOL, TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co., acquired the portable power tool line from the HOLZ-HER Company in order to expand their existing line of high quality timber-framing tools. Based in southern Germany, the HOLZ-HER Company was established in 1914 and produced tools known by timber framers for their extreme durability and innovative features. After intense performance and reliability testing by PROTOOL, the "carpentry line" of premium tools was introduced by TIMBERWOLF TOOLS as "Protool System HOLZ-HER" to the North American marketplace in 2001. Now that the line is fully established, the "carpentry line" of tools is simply labeled with the PROTOOL brand. PROTOOL is well known for its high quality, long service life and innovative technology all around the world. Tradition, however, will always link these German engineered timber-framing tools to their heritage at the HOLZ-HER Company.

By combining the best motors and technology with the most robust tool designs, PROTOOL has set itself apart from the competition. Professionals looking for power, precision and the right tools to maximize their production choose PROTOOL. Simply stated, for professionals like you, these are the best tools available today.

TIMBERWOLF TOOLS is proud to be the Exclusive Distributor of this Premium line of tools in North America. We have fully tested and used these tools ourselves, we also carry a full line of accessories and parts to provide the very best support. TIMBERWOLF TOOLS and PROTOOL, the company and tools more professionals choose.
PROTOOL is a brand of TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co.

The PROTOOL brand is a part of the strong coalition of brands under the organization known as TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co, located in Wendlingen, Germany. In Wendlingen, with the use of a modern and rapid response support infrastructure, we service our partners in Germany and other EU countries via our central logistic center for communication and deliveries. We also operate a global communication system to ensure deliveries to customers directly from the manufacturing plant in Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic.

We use a uniform state of the art computer system, allowing all-round comprehensive communication. We aim to minimize the potential for mistakes and misunderstandings when processing of customers requirements. We would like to emphasize the importance we place on a well-managed logistics operation for direct and quick deliveries to our business partners in many countries around the world. It is obvious for us to quickly provide help to our customers, even from something so simple as a phone call. We also regularly provide and implement suitable training for our sales staff and customers in our fashionably designed training rooms in the Ceska Lipa plant.

Every day, the versatility & value of PROTOOL electric power tools are appreciated by professional trades-people all over the world. Both on site and in their workshops, professionals recognize and acknowledge PROTOOL products performance and reliability characteristics under continuous operation.

Powerful - Sturdy - Reliable - This is the basis for the success of the young but dynamic PROTOOL brand. The PROTOOL brand is focused on electric tools, carpentry machines and accessories. Every worker in an industrial / commercial manufacturing environment has a clear conception of tools they use: based on their experience, they also have a certain demand on performance, functional attributes, scope of use, handling and lifetime expectation of a tool. Especially because of our knowledge regarding the intended use of specific tools, as well as relating to their performance requirements, we are able to provide professionals with an optimum solution to their problems - This is the declared objective of the PROTOOL brand We are focusing on special tasks, applications and activities in various industrial and commercial fields (civil engineering - woodworking, interior construction/renovation, metal fabrication and processing, facade improvement, restoration, redevelopment, thermal insulations). Especially by the way we solve even the most demanding problems, we prove our brands professionalism in the field of civil engineering.

Creative and Competent - On state of the art 3-D workstations, experienced designers develop products for the markets of the future. Ergonomic, functional and application advantages for the user are the additional guide lines to the basic philosophy of quality and service life. Recent developments like the new range of circular saws and the large range of stirring machines provide proof of the fact, that PROTOOL engineers are willing and capable of devising new and creative ways in providing problem solutions. The PROTOOL designers provide the evidence of implementing new ideas with an innovative approach. New hand-held circular saws, a new comprehensive product range of electric stirrers, together with the new drills and impact drills, are the true expression of competence and creativity.

To Know What Is Important - Through ongoing contact with tradespeople on sites or in their workshops, we learn their needs and demands they have: Save time - reduce costs - replace manual work by using power tools - improve job quality.

Together with our customers we define their requirements for problem solutions and new products. This enables us to develop optimum solutions for our customers.

Production Plant - The region of what is today the Czech Republic has a long tradition in the automotive industry, machine building and electrical engineering. Ceska Lipa, situated approximately 80 km northeast of Prague is no exception. Here, more than 50 years ago, SIEMENS set up a production plant for electrical motors and electric power tools. Today, this factory operates as Narex Ltd., producing electric power tools under the PROTOOL-label, using German Production Technology and Total Quality Control concepts and principals. High Precision Machine Tools and Latest Assembly technologies are crucial elements of the Quality Philosophy of PROTOOL. Besides highest standards in production equipment, well trained and highly motivated staff maintain the high level of production standards. Production of electric motors, gears and shafts, tooling and final assembly are all areas of key competencies. This assures our customers of reliable power tools with an attractive price performance ratio.

Quality First - This principle is imperative not only for the personnel involved in quality assurance, but also formulates part of our doctrine for all employees as well. From purchase of materials and components, through machining, manufacture and assembly, to the final testing of every electrical tool, our principle applies: Quality First. Checking individual parts with state-of-the-art measuring technology in climatized rooms forms part of our standard, as well as testing of motors and assemblies on the computerized testing stations in our testing laboratory. The ultimate qualification of a Protool electric tools durability is determined in heavy duty testing under extreme conditions. Here is where PROTOOL products provide the proof that they will therefore meet our exacting demands: Powerful - Sturdy - Reliable ...

Certified Quality - PROTOOL has been certified according to ISO 9001 standard by the Swiss testing authority SGS since 1994. Quality, you can trust.


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