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Protool GDP
Drill Stand Guide System Benefits

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  Program with Practical Focus -- For precise drilling with auger bits, PROTOOL offers the practical program for various lengths and diameters of borers/augers. Stable, large-face base plate with precision- milled surface facilitates safe and even support on the work material. Less feed force is needed with the new design spiral springs, specially for larger depth drilling. Steel centering plates with precise drill bushings provide accurate guidance for spiral borers/augers. Practical operation is the particular feature: the additional handle may be fixed in three optional positions for even greater control.
  Unique Aid for Accurate Guidance -- When more holes are to be drilled in equal distances from the edge of material, the parallel fences provide exceptional benefits. Highly accurate work may be done considerably faster and safer, if compared with common drill stands without parallel fences. A longitudinal guideline is not necessary, as the transverse guideline allows accurate positioning of the drill stand by using the gauge marks on the base plate or the centering point of the borer/auger.
  Swiveling Drill Stands -- For woodworking or building wooden staircases, these drill stands with inclinable guide rods are unequalled workmates. Two swivel segments of the base plate allow adjustment of any angle within the range 90 to 45. Easily readable scale and lockable gauge indicators give the guarantee of exact angle adjustment. Secure locking of the adjusted tilt angle is provided by the two fastening points on the swivel segments.
  Singular Center Point -- The center of a swiveling drill axis remains consistent and aligns exactly on the material work surface at any angle. Thus the drill point will always center on the gauge line of the base plate for any tilt angle. This feature makes positioning of the drill stand easier, saves time and guarantees the required accuracy. There are no troublesome calculations or measurements and error sources are eliminated.
  Drilling without the Centering Plate -- When working with Forstner bits or knothole cutters, or using large diameter drill bits, the centering plates may be simply removed from the drill stands. Accuracy and productivity are real benefits of the precise guide rods and adjustable depth gauges, allowing for multiple holes to be drilled in rapid succession.
  Fixing Elements: for Accuracy and Safety -- High level of safety and accuracy, specially for working with tilt stands, is provided by the fixing elements. They may be quickly and simply fastened in the four mounting holes of the base plate. For wider workpieces up to 287 mm, the fixing elements are mounted on the brackets.

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