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About Mafell


MAFELL is headquartered in Oberndorf a.N., Germany, about an hour south of Stuttgart.

Formed in 1899, MAFELL has been designing and producing the world's finest and most complete line of portable timber framing tools since 1928. In more recent years, MAFELL's innovations have extended into solutions for conventional carpentry applications, as well, including leading products like the DD-40 Duo-Dowler, Erika table saws and a line of innovative line of plunge and panel saw systems.

<b>MAFELL</b> FactoryIn 1990, MAFELL moved into world's most advanced tool manufacturing facility in Oberndorf a.N. This factory is set apart from others since MAFELL manufacturers nearly every component for their tools in-house to the highest quality standards. Using state-of-the-art CNC machines, advanced plastic injection molding equipment, and the most advanced electric motor manufacturing systems, MAFELL has a fully integrated manufacturing plant and over 250 long-term employees who produce truly great tools.

For over a century, MAFELL has been a reliable partner of the woodworking trade. The company is known worldwide for both its close relations with woodworkers and their determination in implementing the special needs and wishes of professional carpenters. Customers' feedback makes a critical contribution to the development and design of technically innovative MAFELL products.

MAFELL tools are built for heavy-duty continuous operation under extreme conditions. This toughness, combined with light weight alloys and advanced technical innovations, result in long term precision and performance. And best of all, there's a MAFELL tool for nearly every carpentry application and a tradition of innovation which will continue to produce the finest carpentry tools for generations to come.

Beginning in January 2007, TIMBERWOLF TOOLS is proud to become a Distributor of this Premium line of tools in the United States and Canada. We will carry a full line of MAFELL accessories and parts to provide the very best support to our valued customers, as well as providing service if your tool ever needs repair. With a long term contract in place, TIMBERWOLF TOOLS is planning to invest in selling and supporting the MAFELL line of tools for many years to come.

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