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Mafell ZSXtwinEc Chain Beam Saw
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ZSXtwinEc Chain Beam Saw Catalog Sheet
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Ripping a big timber with a chain beam saw can be challenging! Not only is it slower, but it often draws too many amps, potentially risking motor failure. If only there was a chain saw with two motors to divide those amps and a special carbide ripping chain.....

Enter Mafell's ZSX TWIN Ec chain beam saw! This son-of-a-gun cutting machine has no problem ripping big timbers and glulams up to 15-3/4" deep. For long accurate rips, this saw easily slides along Mafell's accessory guide rails - thanks to the supplied Pertinax glider that compensates for the rail height.

The ZSX TWIN Ec also cross-cuts compound angles beautifully using the fine-sawing carbide chain and Universal guide option (same as the ZSX 400). Because of all the deep cuts this saw encounters, Mafell added a unique dust extraction system to remove the large number of chips produced. The TWIN even includes a special Trolley to store the tool when not in use.

At the core of the MAFELL ZSX-TWIN Ec are the two 3000-Watt single-phase motors. They run at the same time on two 230 V phases of the three-phase electric power system. Through the miracle of Mafell, it just works!

Every ZSX TWIN Ec chain beam saw is special-ordered and freight shipped from Mafell AG, so please call us for a custom quote that meets your project's timelines. We recommend that you talk to your electrician about 3-phase 380V power in your shop as well.

Cutting depth: 400 mm
Cutting depth at 45°: 282 mm
Cutting depth at 60°: 199 mm
Tilts in both directions: -15 to 60°
Nominal no-load speed: 21000 1/min
Nominal input: 2 x 3000w
Universal-motor: 3-Phase 380V
Weight: 44 lbs

Standard Equipment
Carbide-tipped ripping chain (one)
Carbide-tipped fine sawing chain HM (one)
Parallel guide fence
Glider for use with guide rail
Combination screw driver
Open-end spanner wrench
33 ft cord

Guide rails, Connecting piece, Clamps, Splinter guards, Angle fence
Universal guide
Extra ripping and fine-sawing carbide chains



Part No. Description Quantity   Price Belongs To...
006977 Carbide-tipped ripping chain
$893.50 MAF-ZSX TWIN Ec
006972 Carbide-tipped fine-cutting chain
$893.50 MAF-ZSX TWIN Ec
204380 Guide rail F 80, 0.8 m (2.6 ft) long
$89.80 MAF-ZSX TWIN Ec
204381 Guide rail F 110, 1.1 m (3.6 ft) long
$112.40 MAF-ZSX TWIN Ec
204365 Guide rail F 160, 1.6 m (5.2 ft) long
$154.60 MAF-ZSX TWIN Ec
204363 Connecting piece F-VS (to connect two 'F' Guide rails)
$78.80 MAF-ZSX TWIN Ec
205399 1 pair Screw Clamps F-SZ (3.9'' max) for fixing guide rail to work
$62.00 MAF-ZSX TWIN Ec
204375 Splinter guard F-SS, 3.4 m (11.2 ft.) long
$27.60 MAF-ZSX TWIN Ec
205357 Angle fence F-WA
$146.40 MAF-ZSX TWIN Ec
202069 Universal Guide Support
$308.00 MAF-ZSX TWIN Ec

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