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Mafell ZSX Ec/400 HM Chain Beam Saw
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ZSX Ec/400 Catalog Sheet
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230v with tool-steel chain

230v with carbide chain

120v with tool-steel chain

120v with carbide chain

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This is a magnificent tool for precise single-pass cuts in large beams up to 15-3/4". The powerful ZSX Ec/400 can be easily and accurately swiveled up to 60 degrees from side to side, and at only 32 lbs it is the lightest carpentry chain saw on the market.

Like all Mafell portable carpentry saws, the ZSX Ec/400 can also be used with the guide rail system for easy set-up and precise angled cuts. This saw also features automatic chain lubrication with adjustable speed to eliminate oil spillage on the timber.

This Mafell chain beam saw is available with a carbide-tipped chain (Model HM) for the most challenging hard wood applications and with a tool-steel chain (Model Q). The ZSX Ec/400 even has a patented anti-splintering plate to prevent chipping along the cutting edge. Overall, a truly extraordinary tool for your largest timbers!

Cutting Depth: 400mm (15-3/4")
Cutting depth at 45 degrees: 282mm (11.1")
Cutting depth at 60 degrees: 199mm (7-3/4")
Nominal no load speed: 3000-3600 1/min
Normal load speed: 2800-3400 1/min
Nominal input: 3000w
Nominal output: 1900w
Universal-motor: 230v or 120v
Weight: 30 lbs.

Standard Equipment
Carbide-tipped fine-cut chains (two) for ZSX Ec/400 HM model
Tool-steel fine-cut chains (two) for ZSX Ec/400 Q model
Parallel guide fence
Combination screw driver
33 ft cord

230v Motor
with tool-steel chain
230v Motor
with carbide chain
  120v Motor
with tool-steel chain
120v Motor
with carbide chain

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Part No. Description Quantity   Price Belongs To...
037037 Guide Rail, 3m (two 1.5 m pieces with connecting piece)
$541.70 MAF-ZSX Ec/400HM
205399 1 pair Screw Clamps (3.9'' max) for fixing guide rail to work
$62.00 MAF-ZSX Ec/400HM
036553 Guide Rail, 1.5m Extension
$300.20 MAF-ZSX Ec/400HM
037195 Adapters for parallel guide fence (sold in pairs)
$53.10 MAF-ZSX Ec/400HM
006972 Carbide-tipped fine-cut saw chains
$893.50 MAF-ZSX Ec/400HM
204583 Guide Rail 400 3/8'' for Fine Cut Saw Chain or Standard Saw Chain
$347.00 MAF-ZSX Ec/400HM
204585 Sprocket 3/8'' for Fine Cut Saw Chain or Standard Saw Chain
$195.40 MAF-ZSX Ec/400HM
202113 Trolley
$508.00 MAF-ZSX Ec/400HM
202069 Universal Guide Support
$308.00 MAF-ZSX Ec/400HM
204190 Anti-splintering plate
$13.20 MAF-ZSX Ec/400HM
006971 Saw Chain 3/8'' 400LX-Fine Cut Chain
006974 Saw Chain 3/8'' 400P-Combination Cut Chain
$89.30 MAF-ZSX Ec/400Q

Peak Framing, Inc would not have been able to construct these 50' long x 8' tall timber trusses made from 12x16 members with precision cuts [photos below] without the Mafell ZSX Ec/400. This tool made a difficult job manageable.
       Carlos Aguirre
       Colorado Springs, Colorado

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I purchased the Mafell ZSX because I wanted a saw that could handle all of my timber cross cutting and ripping needs with as little rolling and adjusting of heavy timbers as possible. This saw is simply superb. I found that not only does it save time and effort due to its power and massive cutting capacity when working large timbers, it saves time and increases consistency when used to gang cut standard rafters and floor joists.
       Jason Kehl, J. Kehl Carpentry Ltd.
       Kenora, Ontario
The Mafell ZSX Ec/400 is a great, solid, versatile machine. I couldn't run my business without it.
       Kris Goodreau, Goodreau Sawmill
I have enjoyed using the Mafell ZSX Ec/400 Beam Saw that I bought from Timberwolf Tools. I have to say I couldn't be happier with the saw. It is a precision tool when cutting large beams, etc. Excellent tool!!!!!
       Mike Fluharty, Fluharty Construction Inc.
As with all of our Mafell tools, the ZSX beam saw exceeded our expectation. It is truly amazing how clean and precise it cuts. We have tried other brands in the past mainly because of the cost. After purchasing our first Mafell tool, it became clear that the quality and usability of their tools makes it well worth the investment. Mafell is now our first and only choice.
       Rob Harris, Husky Timber
We have found our Mafell tools to be invaluable and part of our brand building to own and use the finest equipment available to deliver a premium product our customers want and deserve. The accuracy, quality, and ease of using tools like our ZSX Ec/400 chain beam saw justifies the investment.
       L. Kevin Barr, Barr Construction
About eight months ago we decided to purchase a Mafell ZSX Ec/400 chain beam saw. The purchase was needed to cut two 8" house frames, which our circular beam saw could not accomplish in one pass. At first it was decided to only use the expensive Mafell chain beam saw on large diameter timber frames and continue to use our 16" circular beam saw for standard frames. What actually happened after we cut the first frame with the Mafell ZSX 400 is we only used the 16" circular saw one time since! After using the Mafell on the two 8" frames, we started to cut a 6" frame with our 16" circular beam saw. After one roof pitch cut on a principle rafter, we put the circular saw back in the tool room and brought out the ZSX 400. When we compared our peak cut with a framing square, our peak cut was off 1/4" from tip to tip, not what we have become accustomed to with the newly purchased Mafell ZSX 400. We have found our timber joint angles to be the most precise ever with the ZSX 400 coupled with the Universal guide. I believe the increased accuracy in our cut frame joints is due to the:
  •  large base plate of the saw, which minimizes and distributes differences in the face of timbers
  •  universal tracking guide (I would like to see Mafell make it with a longer track and larger angled base to make long hip cuts and simple roof pitch cuts on wide timbers.)
  •  angled bar provides leading chain tooth to ease into the cut slowly allowing precise tracking of cut
  •  chain beam saw bar does not deflect under stress from heat caused from work as we have seem with our circular beam saw
Lastly, the customer service and support provided to me by David is the secondary reason I recommend Timberwolf Tools.
       Greg Vandewark, Big Sky Post and Beam

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