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Mafell UVA 115E Orbital Sander
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Sanding can be a tedious job, but Mafell has engineered several quality-of-life improvements into the UVA 115E Orbital Sander so that sanding is actually fun. This tool sands corners, edges, and curved surfaces perfectly, and its sand paper change is easy using the tool's mechanical clamp and MAFELL-MAX case. The Abranet® abrasive mesh offers many choices between fine surfaces or high removal rates, and the sander's speed can be electronically adjusted and locked to avoid excessive heat and sticking when sanding plastic or painted surfaces.

One might expect that the vibration of such a powerful sander (with a 2.6 mm sanding stroke) would cause fatigue to your hands and arms, but Mafell added rubber gaskets and weighted counterbalances to effectively isolate the handles. As a result, the UVA 115E transmits substantially less vibration compared with other sanders, as seen when resting a glass of water on the handle.

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the UVA 115E (and important to your health) is its dust removal. The Abranet® abrasive mesh has around 24,000 holes for highly efficient dust extraction, and the side channels in the sanding pad make extraction even more effective. Also, the universal filter bag UFB-1 is made of an extremely tear-resistant, anti-static nonwoven material, and the filter's high air throughput reduces the residual dust to as little as 3%. Finally, the new Mafell motor is properly sealed against dust, which leads to a long service life.

Nominal input: 450 W
Sanding area: 115 x 230 mm (4-1/2'' x 9'')
Sanding stroke: 2.6 mm
No. of strokes (no load): 4000 - 24000 H/min
Normal load speed: 2440 1/m
Weight: 6 lbs
Universal motor: 230v

Standard Equipment
MAFELL-MAX carrying case
1 Universal filter bag UFB-1
1 Sanding pad Delta 105 for quick-fit sanding paper
Abrasive mesh Abranet®: 1x P 60, P 80, P 100, P 120, P 150, P 180, P 240, P 320
Abrasive mesh Abranet®: 1x Delta 105, P 120
1 Interface pad UVA-SA 10 (10 holes) 115 x 230 mm
1 Interface pad UVA-SA Delta 105
13 ft cord

Perfect corners and edges with Delta sanding pad
Easy paper change using the MAFELL-MAX case
Mechanical clamp fixes sand paper so it cannot sag


Part No. Description Quantity   Price Belongs To...
205570 Universal filter bags UFB-1, 5 pieces packed
$20.40 MAF-UVA 115 E
093410 Abrasive mesh Abranet© HD P 60, 20 pieces
$100.60 MAF-UVA 115 E
093411 Abrasive mesh Abranet© P 80, 35 pieces
$100.60 MAF-UVA 115 E
093412 Abrasive mesh Abranet© P 100, 40 pieces
$100.60 MAF-UVA 115 E
093413 Abrasive mesh Abranet© P 120, 40 pieces
$100.60 MAF-UVA 115 E
093414 Abrasive mesh Abranet© P 150, 40 pieces
$100.60 MAF-UVA 115 E
093415 Abrasive mesh Abranet© P 180, 40 pieces
$100.60 MAF-UVA 115 E
093416 Abrasive mesh Abranet© P 240, 40 pieces
$100.60 MAF-UVA 115 E
093417 Abrasive mesh Abranet© P 320, 40 pieces
$100.60 MAF-UVA 115 E
093418 Abrasive mesh Abranet© Set Delta 105: 3x P 80 / 3x P 120 / 3x P 180
$22.70 MAF-UVA 115 E
093420 Interface pad UVA-SA 10 (10 holes) 115 x 230 mm
$13.50 MAF-UVA 115 E
093421 Interface pad UVA-SA D Delta 105
$15.50 MAF-UVA 115 E

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