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Mafell P1cc Jig Saw
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From time to time, even proven solutions need to be reexamined in the interest of progress. That's exactly what Mafell did in this case. With input from carpenters and engineers, they set out to build a jig saw that operated much more precisely than was previously conceivable. The outcome is the innovative P1cc.

Its intelligent accessories give the P1cc unprecedented versatility. The innovative design of the new MAFELL precision saw blade CUnex W1, in particular, facilitates extremely precise sawing. With an assortment of no fewer than 11 different sawblades, the P1cc is suitable for cutting wood laminates, plastic, metal, timber containing metal, gypsum, melamine resin panels and fiber-center board. The P1cc offers four oscillating stroke settings and one zero setting. It can be perfectly adjusted, therefore, to suit nearly any material and blade, and the splinter guard eliminates chipping on both top and bottom surfaces.

Precision is also a question of power. That's why the P1cc is equipped with a CUprex compact motor that delivers 900 Watts of power and consistently high speeds thanks to the intelligent digital electronics.

The P1cc compatibility with the MAFELL F guide rail system makes for even greater precision. In the interest of a standard sole plate capable of ensuring absolutely square cuts, a separate tilting plate was developed for making angled cuts up to +/- 45°. Many other features are described in the P1cc Product Brochure.

Cutting depth with W3 blade: 4-3/8 in.
Bevel cuts: 0 - 45°
No load strokes/minute: 800 - 3000
Length of stroke: 1 in.
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Universal motor: 120V

Standard Equipment
MaxiMax carrying case
3 jigsaw blades, CUnex W1, W2, W+P2
Base plate for 90° cuts
Hose connector
Chip deflector
Splinter guard
Parallel fence
13' cord
Various blades, fences, tilting plates and other accessories are available. Tilting Plate for P1cc - 4 lbs. shipping weight and P.N. = 205446.



Part No. Description Quantity   Price Belongs To...
205447 Splinter guard P1-SS, 5 pieces
$10.30 MAF-P1cc
205446 Tilting plate P1-SP, tilts through 45 degrees (angled base for P1cc)
$134.00 MAF-P1cc
204380 Guide rail F 80, 0.8 m (2.6 ft) long
$89.80 MAF-P1cc
204381 Guide rail F 110, 1.1 m (3.6 ft) long
$112.40 MAF-P1cc
204365 Guide rail F 160, 1.6 m (5.2 ft) long
$154.60 MAF-P1cc
204363 Connecting piece F-VS (to connect two 'F' Guide rails)
$78.80 MAF-P1cc
205399 1 pair Screw Clamps F-SZ (3.9'' max) for fixing guide rail to work
$62.00 MAF-P1cc
204375 Splinter guard F-SS, 3.4 m (11.2 ft.) long
$27.60 MAF-P1cc
205357 Angle fence F-WA for F-Guides
$146.40 MAF-P1cc
202867 Rail stop F-RS
$23.90 MAF-P1cc
204626 Guide pocket for guide rails up to 1.6 m (F 160) and accessories
$95.50 MAF-P1cc
093676 Jig saw blade CUnex W1, 2 pieces
$46.00 MAF-P1cc
093701 Jig saw blade W2, 5 pieces
$19.50 MAF-P1cc
093702 Jig saw blade W3, 5 pieces
$22.90 MAF-P1cc
093703 Jig saw blade W4, 5 pieces
$14.80 MAF-P1cc
093704 Jig saw blade W5, 5 pieces
$22.90 MAF-P1cc
093706 Jig saw blade W6, 5 pieces
$18.50 MAF-P1cc
093705 Jig saw blade W+P 2, 5 pieces
$16.50 MAF-P1cc
093707 Jig saw blade W+M 2, 5 pieces
$29.00 MAF-P1cc
093708 Jig saw blade L2, 5 pieces
$29.50 MAF-P1cc
093709 Jig saw blade M2, 5 pieces
$21.50 MAF-P1cc
093710 Jig saw blade E+F 2, 1 pieces
$27.20 MAF-P1cc
093712 Jig saw blade Package- Set 1 - 4 pieces of W2, W+P2, W5, W4- 2 pieces of CUnex W1
$99.60 MAF-P1cc
093713 Jig saw blade Package- Set 2 - 4 pieces of M2, W6, L2, W+M2- 2 pieces of CUnex W1
$118.40 MAF-P1cc
205448 Parallel fence P1-PA
$55.40 MAF-P1cc

The Mafell P1cc jigsaw has completely exceeded my expectations. Handheld bandsaw would be a more accurate name for it than lumping it in with all the other tools that we know by the name of "Jigsaw". I have not only found the cuts to be perfectly square in thick and thin materials but I also save money on blades because they don't heat up like they do in traditional jigsaws that use the back roller and blade jaws for guidance. The lack of heat also leaves the cut burn free.
       James Henrie, 7 Construction LLC
       Provo, Utah
The Mafell P1cc is simply the very best jigsaw that I have ever owned. Yes, it's expensive, but because I expect it to out-last my previous three jigsaws combined, it's a great value. Having A-B tested the best jigsaws on the market, I concluded that this saw has the least vibration, is the easiest to control, has the most power, and has the fastest and easiest blade change.
       James Finn, Owner
       James Finn Design
I always used to have Bosch jig saws. They were the standard and would cut straight pretty well, but for curves not so well, especially any thicker than 3/4". I already had the MT55 and the KSS300, which were both out of this world and completely change the way you work. Based on that, I decided to buy the P1cc jig saw. The power and accuracy that the saw brings makes it so useful for a much wider variety of jobs then a regular jig saw.
       Pontus Hanson
       Hanson Carpentry
Let me start by saying, this is a 900w jigsaw and it cuts dead straight!!!! There is no fiddling with blade guides or gimmicky accessories. This is quite possibly the only real, reliable jigsaw on the market, though it could pass for a handheld bandsaw in the shape of a jigsaw. I've resawn 3 1/2" lumber accurately and with ease. The only jigsaw where you can flip the blade in the opposite direction, giving you maximum base support when cutting from underneath your material. Add the tilting base and you can scribe from underneath the material on a bevel, effortlessly. The standard base is crafted with precision, the sides machined to be perfectly parallel with the blade, meaning you can run it along any straight edge with perfect results. Both bases are compatible with Mafell's superior guide rails and can be utilized in a variety of configurations depending on your needs. An internal blower clears your cutline of dust and if the need is there it can also be hooked up to your portable dust extractor. It includes a brilliant edge guide that can also be used as a trammel arm or in conjunction with Mafell's guide rails and all of this fits into one little box. There is not one aspect of this package that is not engineered to the highest standard. In all likelihood you'll end up chopping your old jigsaw to bits with this one. By far the best jigsaw on the market and probably the last one you'll ever need.
       Matt Ricordi, Carpenter
       Toronto Canada
I've finally discovered a jigsaw that consistently leaves a square cut and doesn't burn blades. Thanks Mafell!
       Kris Wood
       Cedar Rapids, Iowa
I shot a video this last weekend of the P1cc in action that I wanted to share...this saw cuts as well as or better than my cabinet saw. I am blown away at the accuracy of this machine...I still cannot believe how well it cuts. This saw has turned me into a Mafell fan for sure and you and everyone at Timberwolf I have talked to has been a pleasure to work with...certainly appreciate your patience as I ask a zillion questions.

Also check out this saw!
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Mafell MAF-MT55cc
Mafell MAF-KSS300
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