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Mafell BST
Drill Stations

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MAF-BSTMafell's new line of drill stations is brilliantly engineered and constructed with the highest quality materials for a superior drilling experience. Using a lightweight but rigid single aluminum column and continually adjustable iris-like guide rollers, these drill guides offer unprecedented accuracy.

The "S" versions can be precisely set to +/- 45 deg, and an innovative template system enables the user to produce highly accurate series of patterned holes. Notches in the base plate enable easy alignment to a marked location and a parallel fence is available for end grain drilling or to reference drill from the edge of a timber.

Mafell drill stands include top and bottom stops, as well as an adjustable tensioning cable which effortlessly returns the drill to its starting position. And best of all, all Mafell drill station are compatible with high quality Wood Owl Ultra Smooth Tri-cut auger bits so you can cut both accurate and smooth holes in your timbers.

1. Mafell drill stations are compatible with the Bosch 1034VSR drill and a variety of other model drills. Contact Timberwolf Tools for information on whether your drill is compatible with Mafell drill stations.
2. Drill guide clamping range for all Mafell drill stations is: 8 to 30mm (5/16" to 1-3/16").

BST460 BST460S BST650S
Min/Max Auger diameter using iris: 5/16" - 1-3/16" 5/16" - 1-3/16" 5/16" - 1-3/16"
Max tool diameter at 0°: 130mm (5-1/8") 130mm (5-1/8") 130mm (5-1/8")
Max tool diameter at 45°: - 100mm (3-15/16") 100mm (3-15/16")
Max drill length: 460mm (18-1/8") 460mm (18-1/8") 650mm (25-9/16")
Max drill depth: 300mm (11-13/16") 265mm (10-7/16") 455mm (17-7/8")
Collar diameter: 43mm (1-11/16") 43mm (1-11/16") 43mm (1-11/16")
Tilting adjust., both sides: - 45° 45°
Weight: 11lbs 11lbs 12lbs
Without parallel fence,
copying insert, or special
drill bit for copying insert.
$748.00 $872.00 $928.00
With parallel fence,
copying insert, and special
drill bit for copying insert.
$1,012.00 $1,134.00 $1,184.00

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Part No. Description Quantity   Price Belongs To...
204407 Parallel Fence
$144.00 MAF-BST
204290 Copying Insert
$60.30 MAF-BST
090276 Special Drill Bit for Copying Insert
$145.50 MAF-BST

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