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Chain Mortiser/Slot Cutter

About HEMA

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Without mortise stand, chain, bar or sprocket.

The quality of this German engineered Chain Mortiser is immediately apparent. With the three different types of available guide frames, our fastest tool for cutting mortises can also be easily adapted for cutting slots and horizontal grooves. Used as a Slot Mortiser, this tool is an important addition to any shop and is ideal for projects that require splines from 1/4" -- 3/4" in width up to a maximum of 11-13/16" in depth, or for cutting slots at angles up to 45°.
No load speed:  4250 RPM
Rated input:  2000 W
Power supply:  220 V
 Net weight:  19 lbs
Amps:  9.5
Power supply cord:  33'

...with ZKS-15 Slotting Stand
Max. slot depth:  11-13/16"
Slot min length:  1-61/64"
Slot chain widths:  1/4" - 13/16"
(Chain sizes from  6mm - 21mm)
 Parallel slot range:  7/8" - 13"
Combined weight:  39 lbs

...with ZKS-15 Mortise Stand
Max depth using 
150mm chain set:
Combined weight:  29 lbs

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For a complete order, you must select three items: the mortiser, a stand, and a chain setup for the stand.
These three checked items will be added to your shopping cart.

1. Select the Mortiser:
HEMA ZKS15 Chain Mortiser without mortise stand, chain, bar or sprocket $2,325.00

2. Select the stand you would like:

HEMA ZKS-15M Mortising Stand $615.00

3. Select a mortise stand chain:
HEMA Chain/bar/sprocket Complete Fittings, 28x35x150 (1-1/2'' - for all types of wood), Complete Fitting. $955.00
HEMA Chain/bar/sprocket Complete Fittings, 28x50x150A (2''A - for all types of wood) Complete Fitting. $1,010.00
HEMA Chain/bar/sprocket Complete Fittings, 28x50x150B (2''B) (for hard woods only) Complete Fitting. $1,080.00
HEMA ZKS-15S Slotting Stand $1,105.00

3. Select a slotting stand chain: 7mm, 8mm, 11mm, 13mm, 14mm, 17mm
7mm chain/bar/sprocket (#632414-7) $1,415.00
8mm chain/bar/sprocket (#632414-8) $1,415.00
11mm chain/bar/sprocket (#632414-11) $1,415.00
13mm chain/bar/sprocket (#632309-13) $1,495.00
14mm chain/bar/sprocket (#632309-14) $1,495.00
17mm chain/bar/sprocket (#632309-17) $1,495.00
18mm chain/bar/sprocket (#632287-18) $1,675.00
For other chain sizes from 6mm - 21mm, please call.

'A' Pitch more aggressive, for softer woods
'B' Pitch less aggressive, for harder woods
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Chain Sharpening

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Part No. Description Quantity   Price Belongs To...
623860 Chain/bar/sprocket Complete Fittings, 28x35x150 (1-1/2'') (for all types of wood), Complete Fitting. NOTE: this part only needs to be ordered as an ADDITIONAL Complete Fitting because one is included with the purchase of this Chain Mortiser.
$955.00 H-ZKS15 w/Mortise Stand
623862 Chain/bar/sprocket Complete Fittings, 28x50x150A (2''A) (for all types of wood) Complete Fitting. NOTE: To order Complete Fittings or additional chains for the ZKS15 with the slot guide frame, please call us.
$1,010.00 H-ZKS15 w/Mortise Stand
623861 Chain/bar/sprocket Complete Fittings, 28x50x150B (2''B) (for hard woods only) Complete Fitting
$1,080.00 H-ZKS15 w/Mortise Stand
838393 Chain: 1-1/2'' and 2'' A Chain (it is the same chain)
$505.00 H-ZKS15 w/Mortise Stand
624182 Chain: 2''B Chain
$565.00 H-ZKS15 w/Mortise Stand
633763 Aerosol Chain Oil
$24.10 H-ZKS15
o Chain bar bearing grease (16oz bucket)
$4.80 H-ZKS15
o Chain bar bearing grease (45g tube)
$10.90 H-ZKS15

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