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Jigsaw (Mafell P1cc Jigsaw) MAF-P1cc
The Mafell P1cc jigsaw has completely exceeded my expectations. Handheld bandsaw would be a more accurate name for it than lumping it in with all the other tools that we know by the name of "Jigsaw". I have not only found the cuts to be perfectly square in thick and thin materials but I also save money on blades because they don't heat up like they do in traditional jigsaws that use the back roller and blade jaws for guidance. The lack of heat also leaves the cut burn free.
       James Henrie, 7 Construction LLC
       Provo, Utah
The Mafell P1cc is simply the very best jigsaw that I have ever owned. Yes, it's expensive, but because I expect it to out-last my previous three jigsaws combined, it's a great value. Having A-B tested the best jigsaws on the market, I concluded that this saw has the least vibration, is the easiest to control, has the most power, and has the fastest and easiest blade change.
       James Finn, Owner
       James Finn Design
I always used to have Bosch jig saws. They were the standard and would cut straight pretty well, but for curves not so well, especially any thicker than 3/4". I already had the MT55 and the KSS300, which were both out of this world and completely change the way you work. Based on that, I decided to buy the P1cc jig saw. The power and accuracy that the saw brings makes it so useful for a much wider variety of jobs then a regular jig saw.
       Pontus Hanson
       Hanson Carpentry
Let me start by saying, this is a 900w jigsaw and it cuts dead straight!!!! There is no fiddling with blade guides or gimmicky accessories. This is quite possibly the only real, reliable jigsaw on the market, though it could pass for a handheld bandsaw in the shape of a jigsaw. I've resawn 3 1/2" lumber accurately and with ease. The only jigsaw where you can flip the blade in the opposite direction, giving you maximum base support when cutting from underneath your material. Add the tilting base and you can scribe from underneath the material on a bevel, effortlessly. The standard base is crafted with precision, the sides machined to be perfectly parallel with the blade, meaning you can run it along any straight edge with perfect results. Both bases are compatible with Mafell's superior guide rails and can be utilized in a variety of configurations depending on your needs. An internal blower clears your cutline of dust and if the need is there it can also be hooked up to your portable dust extractor. It includes a brilliant edge guide that can also be used as a trammel arm or in conjunction with Mafell's guide rails and all of this fits into one little box. There is not one aspect of this package that is not engineered to the highest standard. In all likelihood you'll end up chopping your old jigsaw to bits with this one. By far the best jigsaw on the market and probably the last one you'll ever need.
       Matt Ricordi, Carpenter
       Toronto Canada
I've finally discovered a jigsaw that consistently leaves a square cut and doesn't burn blades. Thanks Mafell!
       Kris Wood
       Cedar Rapids, Iowa
I shot a video this last weekend of the P1cc in action that I wanted to share...this saw cuts as well as or better than my cabinet saw. I am blown away at the accuracy of this machine...I still cannot believe how well it cuts. This saw has turned me into a Mafell fan for sure and you and everyone at Timberwolf I have talked to has been a pleasure to work with...certainly appreciate your patience as I ask a zillion questions.
Duo-dowel System (Mafell DD40P Duo-dowel System) MAF-DD40P
The DD40P has been a great addition to our tool lineup. This one tool can handle tasks from joinery to boring for shelf pins. The 800mm dowel template and 1600mm dowel template extension allow for precise placement of bores and accurate repeatability. Mafell's quality has made us a lifetime customer - and there is a peace of mind that can be had knowing Timberwolf Tools and their knowledgeable staff are there to assist.
       Joshua F. Gallet
       Kaplan, Louisiana
We purchased a Mafell DD40P some time ago, and have really used it a lot, and found it to be a solid and accurate doweling tool! We've had other brand doweling tools previously, and there is just no comparison in quality and ease of use. We switch between the 5mm and 8mm bits most often. The DD40P is a tool that's always on the bench and used every day in our custom shop. Although it hurt a bit to buy, it's been a joy to use! Jeff and his staff are a pleasure to work with, and we've always had great service and follow up. Timberwolf Tools and Mafell are certainly high up on our list of preferred suppliers to do business with. I look forward to my next tool buying experience.
       Richard Erb, Rockside Builders, Ltd.
I'm very happy with my DD40P. I use it for many custom projects such as cabinetry, interior doors/trim, built-ins, and furniture. It's a very precise tool, and huge time saver.
       Lee Thurber, Thurber and Son Builders
       New Hampshire
I recently purchased the DD40P Duo-dowel system. It is a quality tool and it makes cabinet assembly very easy - I use it often. I purchased the Mafell 800mm template as well. It is a useful guide for drilling holes for adjustable shelving. It makes it quick and accurate for wall units or bookcases. I recommend this template to ease the job for adjustable shelving pinholes.
       Dimitrios, Master Builder & Design, Inc
The Mafell DD40P has been a valuable addition to my tool inventory. Powerful, durable and precise, it is as much at home in my workshop assembling cabinetry as it is on-site creating durable casing assemblies. The template guides add tremendous versatility and utility to an already useful tool, allowing me to align and assemble large panels, as well as drilling rows of holes. Excellent dust collection and storage in a Systainer ensures the DD40P fits in seamlessly with my other premium tools.
       Tom Gensmer, Heritage Home Renewals
Track Saw (Mafell MT-55cc Track Saw) MAF-MT55cc
You just know when you have a quality tool in your hand. The MT-55cc is that tool. The quality of build combined with the cutting capacity, power, ease of use and accuracy makes this the best track saw out there. I have enjoyed my time using the saw and exploring the possibilities that it is capable of. I have had some challenging projects with very expensive exotic hardwoods where there was no margin for error or failure. The Mafell MT-55cc delivered. I have a large amount of very nice tools and it is one of my favorites. David Powell and the Timberwolf crew are there to provide the best customer service around. It is good to know they are there if you need them.
       Jay Bodnar
       Simi Valley, California
It was a day of discovery for me when I first learned about the Mafell MT-55cc plunge/track saw. In fact, it was while browsing another tool line forum that I learned about the existence of the Mafell tool line. After much research, it was obvious that the MT-55cc was designed for the real "hard nose professional" who doesn't need complicated or special setup before using a tool. The MT-55cc is quality and precision at their best, and on a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 5+, that is why I did not hesitate to purchase other tools manufactured by Mafell.
       Massachusetts, USA
Hello, my name is Marty & I am the owner/operator of a remodeling company specializing in the installations of fine cabinetry in the Washington area. The Mafell track saw has become a huge asset to me for cutting pre-finished panels on either a square or mitered cut. The options to hook up to a vac system gives me a dust-free cut while working inside. The connecting system is simple & accurate. The time I save using this saw is amazing, the quality of the finished cut is unsurpassed. I would recommend the MT-55cc to anyone in the remodeling business.
       Martin Grossman
The Mafell MT-55cc track saw along with the very cool Aerofix system takes cutting wood into the modern age. The Aerofix allows me to save quite a lot of time because clamping is no longer necessary. The saw's motor manages to find the sweet spot in power between Festool's TS 55 and 75. I get crisp and clean cuts in everything from 3/4 ply to 8/4 red oak. Blade change and dust collection is also the best in its class. I love the scoring function and wouldn't want a TS without it. Not only does it ensure a crisp edge, but it greatly increases safety. If you're the kind of person who insists on owning the best tools that money can buy, then the MT-55cc with the Aerofix is the track saw system for you.
       James Finn, Owner
       James Finn Design
Narrow stock rips are a breeze for the MT-55cc. The guide rails offer two continuous locations for clamping, one conveniently located near the cutting strip for safe, secure and accurate cuts.
       Erik Scanlon
       Sanek + Co
Portable Bandsaw (Mafell Z 5Ec Bandsaw) MAF-Z5Ec
Just a short note to say thank you for your help with the Z5Ec purchase. It is truly a wonderful tool that we find ourselves using in more ways than I ever thought. The Mafell Z5Ec is easy to use and has opened up new revenue opportunities for us.
       Doug Madden, Owner
       The Renaissance Company

Best tool - Mafell portable bandsaw - hands down.
       Mark Welch
       Columbia Falls, MT

I always thought a portable bandsaw was limited to cutting decorative end-cuts on beams. But the Mafell Z5 can do so much more. I use it routinely for cutting tenons, rafter birds' mouths and scarfs. It's a wonderful tool - fast, accurate and a pleasure to use.
       Ben Weiss
       Dorset, VT

It's unbelievable. It's a great tool. I use it for everything.
       Steve Coombs, Historic Restoration
       Wolfboro, NH

I love it. I'm not a poet, but I have nothing but good things to say about it.
       Jeremy Barlow, Barlow Bridge & Timberworks
       Knoxville, TN

My guys tell me it's the best tool they've ever picked-up.
       Rick Patriacca, Patriacca Construction
       Eagle, CO

It is pretty awesome. We've been cutting radiuses; it saves us a lot of time.
       Jeff, Byldan Woodworks
       Ardrossan, AB

I used it to build my 12' x 12' pergola. The Z5Ec is the best: it cuts more true and deeper, and it cuts tighter curves. It is more powerful, has variable speed, is 120v and is lighter to use. It even has rear cutting 'teeth', and has a quick blade change-out system. This good tool made my work fun.
       Marc Boutan
       Freeport, ME

Chain Beam Saw (Mafell Model ZSXEc400HM) MAF-ZSXEc400HM

Peak Framing, Inc would not have been able to construct these 50' long x 8' tall timber trusses made from 12x16 members with precision cuts [photos below] without the Mafell ZSX Ec/400. This tool made a difficult job manageable.
       Carlos Aguirre
       Colorado Springs, Colorado

Click to enlarge...

I purchased the Mafell ZSX because I wanted a saw that could handle all of my timber cross cutting and ripping needs with as little rolling and adjusting of heavy timbers as possible. This saw is simply superb. I found that not only does it save time and effort due to its power and massive cutting capacity when working large timbers, it saves time and increases consistency when used to gang cut standard rafters and floor joists.
       Jason Kehl, J. Kehl Carpentry Ltd.
       Kenora, Ontario

The Mafell ZSX Ec/400 is a great, solid, versatile machine. I couldn't run my business without it.
       Kris Goodreau, Goodreau Sawmill

I have enjoyed using the Mafell ZSX Ec/400 Beam Saw that I bought from Timberwolf Tools. I have to say I couldn't be happier with the saw. It is a precision tool when cutting large beams, etc. Excellent tool!!!!!
       Mike Fluharty, Fluharty Construction Inc.
As with all of our Mafell tools, the ZSX beam saw exceeded our expectation. It is truly amazing how clean and precise it cuts. We have tried other brands in the past mainly because of the cost. After purchasing our first Mafell tool, it became clear that the quality and usability of their tools makes it well worth the investment. Mafell is now our first and only choice.
       Rob Harris, Husky Timber

We have found our Mafell tools to be invaluable and part of our brand building to own and use the finest equipment available to deliver a premium product our customers want and deserve. The accuracy, quality, and ease of using tools like our ZSX Ec/400 chain beam saw justifies the investment.
       L. Kevin Barr, Barr Construction

About eight months ago we decided to purchase a Mafell ZSX Ec/400 chain beam saw. The purchase was needed to cut two 8" house frames, which our circular beam saw could not accomplish in one pass. At first it was decided to only use the expensive Mafell chain beam saw on large diameter timber frames and continue to use our 16" circular beam saw for standard frames. What actually happened after we cut the first frame with the Mafell ZSX 400 is we only used the 16" circular saw one time since! After using the Mafell on the two 8" frames, we started to cut a 6" frame with our 16" circular beam saw. After one roof pitch cut on a principle rafter, we put the circular saw back in the tool room and brought out the ZSX 400. When we compared our peak cut with a framing square, our peak cut was off 1/4" from tip to tip, not what we have become accustomed to with the newly purchased Mafell ZSX 400. We have found our timber joint angles to be the most precise ever with the ZSX 400 coupled with the Universal guide. I believe the increased accuracy in our cut frame joints is due to the
  •  large base plate of the saw, which minimizes and distributes differences in the face of timbers
  •  universal tracking guide (I would like to see Mafell make it with a longer track and larger angled base to make long hip cuts and simple roof pitch cuts on wide timbers.)
  •  angled bar provides leading chain tooth to ease into the cut slowly allowing precise tracking of cut
  •  chain beam saw bar does not deflect under stress from heat caused from work as we have seem with our circular beam saw
Lastly, the customer service and support provided to me by David is the secondary reason I recommend Timberwolf Tools.
       Greg Vandewark, Big Sky Post and Beam

Portable Bandsaw (Oliver Model 12) O-model12

Your bandsaw works well on curved detail, making it a nice touch to some exposed ends.

I use your portable bandsaw for long tenons and timber end details. Its accurate for both.
       J.S. & S.F., Centennial Timber Frames
       Kalispell, MT

PROTOOL Planers (e.g. Protool PLP245E) P-PLP245E

These are some of the best planers that we have used. Our company operates these planers up to 12 hours a day. These tools have increased both the productivity of our operation and the quality of our products.
       T.G., Stomemill Log Homes
       Knoxville, TN

Chain Mortiser (Protool CMP150) P-CMP150
I purchased the PROTOOL Chain Mortiser and quickly bought another when I realized the tremendous production value of this tool. I can literally cut a 2" x 8" mortise in less than two minutes. In addition, Timberwolf's customer service and maintenance departments have been invaluable in tuning my tools between projects. This is a great company offering the tools I need to get the job done.
       Traditional Builders, Inc.
       Annapolis, Maryland

Our 7104L has held up to constant use in training inexperienced students, as well as to ongoing production work.
       S.S. Cowee Mountain Timber Framers
       Franklin, NC

Chain Mortiser (Makita 7104L) M-7104L

The Makita 7104L Chain Mortiser is a great time saver and the end result is a professional job.
       C.T.M., Structural Roof Systems, Inc.
       Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Our 7104L has held up to constant use in training inexperienced students, as well as to ongoing production work.
       S.S. Cowee Mountain Timber Framers
       Franklin, NC

I purchased the Makita 7104L Mortise machine from you to assist me with this 18 x 39 foot timber framed shop that I'm building. I was a little intimidated by the lack of specific detail within the operating manual but soon found that it's a breeze to use and I can't believe how much time I'm saving on this project. Thanks.

13-3/4" Planer (Protool PLP350E) P-PLP350E

The big Protool planer you sent us is a great machine. It has lots of power and leaves a great finish.
       V.H., Structural Wood Systems
       Greenville, AL

6-3/4" Planer (Makita 1806B) M-1806B

The Makita planer is big enough to handle anything that we need to plane, yet it is portable enough to go to job sites as needed.
       J.B., Stonemill Log Homes
       Knoxville, TN

This tool is well balanced and accurate. It has the power required to remove tremendous amounts of material quickly and accurately, while maintaining a smooth and even surface.

With its high quality case and accessories we consider it to be a great asset to our shop and would recommend it without reservation to anyone that is considering the purchase of a portable hand held planer.
       D.K., Bear Creek Timberwrights
       Victor, MT

  Curved Planer (Makita 1002BA) M-1002BA

This tool has improved our product, allowed our employees to work safer and increased our production.
       E.W., Kuhns Bros. Log Homes, Inc.
       Lewisburg, PA

I am thrilled with the operation and performance of the Makita 1002BA Curved Planer. We used to use grinders on the scarfs for the notches in our log homes. The job the Makita does is far superior and cost effective besides. We used to spend over $50 per month on grinding discs and once the employees got used to the planers they did the job faster than with the grinders.
       B.M., Minde Log Construction
       Duluth, MN

The Makita 1002BA, with modified blades, re-creates exactly the hand-hewn look we are looking for.
       L.T., Sierra Log Homes
       Chico, CA

Wood Owl (Drill Bits) Wood Owl

You have a terrific drill bit (Wood Owl Ultra Smooth Tri-cut). No rip out, splinters or chaffing of the exit hole. Very clean exit, without chipping.

We love our Wood Owl auger bits. We use them every day in a production setting, and they stay sharp a long time. The 3-flute design always makes a clean entry hole, and the body is really stiff, so it doesn't wander off target. It's the ideal bit for peg holes.
       Clark Bremer, Northern Lights Timber Framing
       Minneapolis, MN (612-216-2205)

In my 40 years of experience, this Wood Owl tri-cut drill auger is the best I have ever used. I thought that this other brand I already used was the best, but this Wood Owl blows it out of the water.
       David Miller
       David A. Miller Construction

You will like doing business with Timberwolf Tools
You are all great to work with. When I found that a new tool that I purchased didn't particularly fit our needs, you took it back, with no hassles, and a minimum re-stocking charge. You have earned my continued business.
      Bruce March
      Green Mountain Timber Frames

You stock all of the necessary belts and blades and your customer service staff is always helpful and courteous.
       J.B., Stonemill Log Homes
       Knoxville, TN

I am very pleased with the service I received...
       T.E., Ellison Timberframes & Construction
       Harwich Port, MA

Thank you very much for the great service...
       J.G., Tree Tops Timber Frames
       Alberta, Canada

I appreciate the follow up calls I've received and the speed of the delivery on the cutters and parts I've ordered.
       A.L., Classic Country Homes
       Science Hill, KY



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